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Overland Liquor Warehouse opened on the 1st of June 1995 by Mr JG De Achadinha and Mr CIC Chadinha.

After many years in the liquor trade industry we noticed that suppliers did not concentrate on independents or give the independents the necessary time and attention which they deserved and that there were major price differences between the surrounding areas.

By franchising, we realised that we could give the customers a better shopping experience as well as level out the pricing structures within the area.

We also realised that brand loyalty was very important. This was one of our main reasons why we wanted to grow and expand our franchise so that we could increase our brand loyalty with suppliers and customers alike.

This led to the introduction of the Overland Liquor Franchise concept which launched during 2002. The first franchise was based in Wolmaransstad in the North West.

Due to growth and the franchise expanding, we established Galactic Deals 115 (Pty) Ltd in November 2006. This was to ensure proper control and management of the Overland Liquor Franchise.

Galactic Deals 115 (Pty) Ltd saw another opportunity to grow our already expanding brand and on the 30th of January 2009. The company acquired a 50% shareholding by joining forces with Sentrade Finance (Pty) Ltd trading as LiquorZone.

The merging with LiquorZone & Spot On secured Overland Liquors as a strong franchisor with buying power to secure the best prices.

The LiquorZone brand was introduced to mainly target existing grocery supermarkets by giving them an opportunity to include a liquor division to their store, providing convenience to their customers.

Spot On was aquired in 2015.

As a franchise we make sure that we are always looking after our existing stores by finding ways to add value to their business. The way in which we add value to existing stores is by introducing them to our wholesale and distribution model. This is to encourage all stores in all areas to upgrade to eventually become not only the destination store in each area, but also the wholesaler and re-distributor within all areas. That is why we decided that the Overland Liquor Warehouse is now also a part of the franchise and trades as a normal franchisee within the franchise concept.

It then became clear that we needed to add a further passive income to our stores. With suppliers continuously looking for on route to market and bottom end trade, the logical next step was to introduce a tavern/eating house concept known as Picaroon's lounge.

It has always been the intention of our franchise to ensure that we are represented in all provinces. Over the year’s, independent liquor stores have joined our family benefitting from our experience, knowledge, bulk buying opportunities, products and services that we provide, thus creating a national footprint for Overland Liquors, LiquorZone and Spot On. To date our franchise consists of more than 288 stores nationwide.

The Overland Liquors franchise now offers five different franchising concepts:

Retail and Wholesale  (Hybrid)
Tavern / Pubs (Picaroons)

The Overland Group of Companies is always looking at new and innovative ways to grow and expand our brand. By growing our portfolio we are able to introduce new customers to our liquor stores which in turn will maximise profits for our franchisees and this will ensure the growth of the Overland Group of Companies for years to come.

Join the Overland franchise family today, so that you too, can have a successful business.


- We have 14 years' experience in the liquor franchise industry
- Be part of a leading national and reputable franchise. We have over 288 stores country wide
- Keep your independence whilst trading under the already well-known Overland Liquor / LiquorZone / Spot On brands
- Over 100 years experience in Liquor Industry
- National advertising/marketing, either by way of a leaflet, TV or newspaper advertising
- Recommended but not enforced retail selling prices (except for advertising prices)
- On-going operational support
- Purchasing power including supplier and service provider benefits
- We are BBBEE Certified (Our BBBEE rating is carried over to the franchisees)
- Be part of a family with opportunities for sharing knowledge, expertise and experience
- We are a leading liquor franchise brand offering a variety of business opportunities
- With having a national identity, it automatically adds value to your business so that should you sell it one day, you would automatically receive further value
- Annual conference and awards ceremony
- Preferential bank and merchant fees. Preferred rates with many in-transit companies (ES4, SB4)
- Operational support from Field Operators

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We are proudly members of the Franchising Association of Southern Africa (FASA).



  Enjoy responsibly. Alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18.